The Roundtable Regulation of Turnover of Non-Alcoholic Energy Drinks: Planned Changes in the Law on January 23

2015-01-23 10:00

On January23, 2015, the Association of European Businesses organized the roundtable Regulation ofTurnover of Non-Alcoholic Energy Drinks: Planned Changes in the Law with leading domestic and international manufacturers of soft drinks, government officials, and scientists from Russia and Belarus.

The idea to discuss publically the regulation ofenergy drinks arose from the concerns of producers about possible forthcoming restrictions on sale of non-alcoholic energy drinks announced at the meeting of the Interagency Council on Prevention of Alcoholism, Drug and Tobacco Consumption, as well as criticism of energy drinks in the media.

In order to organize public discussion and make recommendations to the topic the Association invited producers of soft drinks, state officials, and Russian and Belarusian scientists who study the impact of non-alcoholic soft drinks on human health, to share their opinion on the topic. At the roundtable, the report of the All-RussianPublic Opinion Research Center on consumption of non-alcoholic soft drinks will be presented.

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