Andrey MICKIEWICZ, Chairman of the AEB

President and owner of BRYCE international holding which specializes in international trade of commodities, logistics, trade projects financing, international consulting, GR and risk management. BRYCE has offices and representative offices in Switzerland, Cyprus, Brazil, and Belarus.

Previous experience 2001 - 2009:

Head of the Russian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Consulting Company and Middle Russian Petroleum Company.

Board member of various Ukrainian companies rendering customs clearance brokering services (International Agency "Tiger", Customs terminal "Kievschina").

Vice-president of the Czech BEP Engineering and Consulting (consulting on and managing projects for "AMTEL Group", "Belarusian Steel Works" (BSW), "Itera Group" (gas and petroleum), "JSCC Moldova Steel Works".

Until 2001, worked for state holdings, public organizations, and commercial companies in Belarus.