Summer Ethno-Picnic Was Held On July 27, 2017 31.07.2017

The Association of European Business together with the Investment Consulting Agency AEB held the summer ethno-picnic on July 27, 2017 – the annual cultural event of the Association.

The market of tobacco products in Belarus needs reforms 26.07.2016 An international corporation JTI, a member of the Association of European Business, shared the information on current market trends of tobacco products in the world and Belarus with governmental authorities. The seminar took place on 22 July 2016 in the conference hall of the hotel Crowne Plaza Minsk. More
Round table "Introduction of an excise duty on non-alcoholic tonic beverages: planned change to the law" 27.08.2015 Objectives: to present the position of the companies on the initiative of governmental agencies to introduce excise duty on non-alcoholic tonic beverages. More
AEB etno picnic 15.07.2015 Objectives: informal communication, establishment of contacts while getting acquainted with Belarusian traditions. More
Development of a concept and a programme for the conference "How the crowd economy changes the banking business" 30.06.2015 Objectives: to show the international best practices in this field, to determine the viability of these ideas and the potential of Belarus vis-à-vis the new national start-ups in this field. More
Workshop on holdings management 18.06.2015 Objectives: to inform the representatives of state-owned enterprises on the existing approaches for holdings creation and functioning. More
Roundtable "Regulation of non-alcoholic energy drinks: planned change to the law" 23.01.2015 Objectives: to present the companies position on the issue of regulation of non-alcoholic energy drinks in connection with the plans of the governmental authorities to limit retail sale of such beverages. More
Seminar on advertising 12.12.2014 Objectives: to inform the participants of the seminar about the planned changes to the law on advertising and law application, conduct of a tender for the placement of outdoor advertising, to discuss the concept of outdoor advertising in Minsk for 2008 - 2015 years. More
Round Table "Protection mechanisms of the internal market: problems and prospects" 25.11.2014 Objectives: to discuss inappropriate use of non-tariff protection of the internal market - in particular, the use of the control (identification) marks. More
Business Belarusian Course 01.10.2014 Objectives: to develop the Belarusian language skills necessary for communication in the world of business. More
Seminar for government officials on topical issues of excise taxation of tobacco products 26.08.2014 Objectives: to discuss the issues related to the current situation on excise taxation of tobacco products, the impact of changes in excise policy on the level of illegal trade, harmonization process of the excise policy in the Eurasian Economic Union and international experience in the field of excise taxation. More