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The history of Danone in Belarus began in 2008 when the head office was opened in Minsk. At the moment about 500 people work for Danone Belarus.

On the Belarusian market the company is represented by brands "Actimel", "Activia", "Rastishka", "Smeshariki", "Danissimo", "Danone", "Tema", "Prostokvashino".


JLLC "Danone Shklov" was created on the basis of JSC "Shklovsky dairy plant" in 2009. Today the company JLLC "Danone Shklov" processes more than 100 tons of milk a day and produces three types of milk. Since August 2012 the company has been producing sour cream "Prostokvashino " (26% fat content), and in October 2012 the plant started producing Bio sour cream with bifid bacteria (15% fat content). In January 2014 was launched production of sour cream Prostokvashino 20% fat content. Also the company is produced a delicious Yogurt Prostokvashino with blueberries, strawberries, cherriess and dessert.

In 2009 JLLC "UNIMILK Pruzhany" was created on the basis of the out-of-use part of the dairy plant in Pruzhany. Now JLLC "UNIMILK Pruzhany" is one of the most successful enterprises producing pasteurized and UHT milk in the Brest region. The range of products produced at this plant was expanded within a few years. For example, in July 2012 they launched production of a new kefir product. At present the plant JLLC "UNIMILK Pruzhany" is able to process up to 350 tons of milk a day compared with 50 tons at the time when the plant just started working. The plant has 4 machines for bottling milk, and three of them are involved in the production of UHT milk. In July 2013 a new line for the pasteurization of cream was launched, which made it possible to transport cream over long distances. JLLC "UNIMILK Pruzhany" is one of the top three plants of Danone.