Workshop on Corporate Governance Together with the Ministry of Economy


The Association of European Businesses in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy organized a workshop Corporate Governance: Prospects for Development in the Republic of Belarus for the representatives of state authorities and state enterprises on February 19, 2015.

The Ministry of Economy has been concerned with the state of corporate governance in state-owned business entities and, whenever possible, has been promoting and popularizing these ideas. Corporate governance mechanism in unstable economic conditions is a factor that can increase the efficiency of enterprises at minimum costs. However, in Belarus, corporate governance develops unevenly. Over the past year, the labor productivity in the private sector has been 1.7 times higher than in the state sector, which proves again that the problem of corporate governance in state-owned enterprises needs to be addressed.

The Association of European Businesses asked its members Zubr Capital, Baker Tilly Bel and British-American Tobacco Trading Company to share their experience of building corporate governance. Larissa Levkovich, Head of Improving the Organizational Forms, the Ministry of Economy, stressed the importance of holding events together with the Association of European Business: “Such partners bring a fresh look, a new problem-solving perspective, a new vision of corporate governance."

To see the presentations of the speakers, click here:

Presentation of Yury Slepich (Arzinger and Partners)

Presentation of Andrey Filon (Zubr Capital)

Presentation of Pavel Tsarev (Baker Tilly Bel)