Belarusian and Lithuanian Business Associations Shared their Experiences of the Dialogue with State Authorities


The workshop «Maximizing capacity of BSOs and local authorities dialogue: towards inclusive decision-making» was held October 4, 2016 in the Renaissance Minsk Hotel. The event was organized by the Association of European Business thanks to the cooperation with the Lithuanian Business Confederation (Lietuvos Verslo Konfederacija).

Maryna Barouka, Deputy Chairman of the AEB, noted, that recently the dialogue between government and business has become increasingly important. One of the instruments for such a dialogue is the public advisory councils under state authorities.  However, not all of these councils function as effectively as business would like.

Maryna Barouka gave also several examples when the Association of European Business influenced decisions made by state authorities.

Maria Karas, Legal Adviser of the Association of European Business, shared with the audience the results of the study «Legislative regulation of the dialogue between business and government, from the formalities to the working institute of public advisory councils on business development», which was conducted by the Association of European Business with the support of the Pact at the beginning of 2016. The survey data of public advisory councils’ participants revealed a number of problems in the functioning of this institute.

Representatives of the Lithuanian business associations spoke how the Lithuanian business affects state authorities, protecting and promoting the interests of entrepreneurs. You can find the presentations of speakers below:

Algimantas Akstinas, General Director of the Lithuanian Business Confederation: «Social dialogue and collaboration between business associations and government: lobbying, advocacy – challenges, experience and lessons»

Vytautas Milenas, General Secretary of the Lithuanian National Road Carriers’ Association LINAVA: «Role of business associations to promoting economic reforms, representing interests of members, providing services (experience of LINAVA)»

Dr. Vytautas Nekrošius, Chairman of the Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration: «Methods of alternative dispute resolution – arbitration, mediation and conciliation. Practice, experience and improvement process –local and international level».

Marius Grajauskas, Chairman of the Commercial Law and Practice Commission at the Lithuanian Business Confederation: «Commercial Law and Practice Commission – practical tool to improve the business and investment climate in Lithuania»

Richard Bedulskis, Chairman of the HDM committee, Information and Communication Technologies association INFOBALT: «Digital agenda. E- solution for business and government. Modern competences to public institutions, society and innovative country»