AEB Proposals Included In The Work Plan Of The FIAC


The proposals of the Association of European Business are included in the work plan for 2017 on discussion of issues at meetings of the working group on improving the business environment in Belarus under the Advisory Council on Foreign Investments under the Council of Ministers.

In particular, the AEB proposes to improve the legislation in the field of tourism (the development of the National tourism development strategy, cluster approach to the planning of tourist areas, the simplification of citizens’ registration procedures, the visa-free regime), in the sphere of investments (the Law "On investments"), as well as to expand the functions and objectives of the National Agency of Investment and Privatization on attracting FDI.

In addition, a part of the AEB proposals will be discussed in working groups with other state authorities: on the development of the tobacco industry, on the creation of the Association of Belarusian business in Europe, on public discussion of draft regulations.

The full text of the work plan can be found here.

The Association of European Business is open to proposals from foreign and Belarusian companies on these and other topical issues.