General AEB Members Meeting


The general meeting of the Association’s members was held on 7 June2017 in the office of the Association of European Business.

The general meeting elected a Supervisory Board in the number of 5 members for a period of 1 year consisting of:

·         Andrey Roshupkin;

·         Gennady Brusnikov;

·         Igor Odinets;

·         Pavel Daneyko;

·         Pavel Bogdanovitch.

Also, holding a cultural AEB event "Summer Ethno-Picnic" in the Belarusian State Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Lifestyle on 27 July 2017 was decided by the meeting, as well as the program of the event, a list of participants and partners and the budget of the event were approved.

In the approved program of the ethno-picnic, such events as excursion, quest, tasting of Belarusian dishes and drinks, master classes on drawing compositions from wild flowers and archery, learning old Belarusian songs and dances, quizzes on the history and culture of Belarus are planned.