AEB Signed the "Agreement on the Interaction of Socially Responsible Companies in Belarus in the Implementation of CSR Projects"


On November 28, 2017 the Association of European Business, together with other Belarusian companies, signed in a solemn atmosphere the "Agreement on the interaction of socially responsible companies in Belarus in the implementation of corporate social responsibility projects."

In total, more than 30 companies joined this agreement, thereby publicly declaring their readiness to bear voluntary social responsibility, take concrete actions in this direction and cooperate with other participants.

The agreement was initiated by the Local Social Fund "Dobra", which is the Office of the UN Global Compact Network in Belarus. The event was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and the United Nations Development Program in Belarus. 

A golden thread through the whole event was the statement that business is an important force in achieving the goals of sustainable development. Along with this, it was repeatedly said that the business does not owe anything to anyone, but it can already make a large number of projects useful to society, which are examples of external corporate social responsibility.

Representatives of business, media, government agencies and international organizations gathered around the table unanimously in their position on the importance and necessity of uniting and coordinating the efforts of all participants in the process.

The agreement on interaction is an untimely document with a public invitation of companies to join the initiative and implement useful to the society projects.