AEB is included in the interdepartmental working group on export development


In accordance with the order of the Prime Minister dated September 8, 2020 No. 177r, an interdepartmental working group was created to consider the development and support of the export of goods and services. First Deputy Prime Minister Nikolay Snopkov was appointed as the head of the group. The group includes the chairman of the Association of European Business Andrey Mitskevich.

The working group is entrusted with the responsibility to develop, by November 10, 2020, proposals aimed at the systemic development of the export of goods and services.

Proposals should include:

improvement of the institutional structure of exports, systems of financing and export support, state regulation of foreign trade;

determination of complex indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the work of foreign missions of the Republic of Belarus;

development of schemes (mechanisms) of payment for Belarusian products for deliveries to foreign countries with which settlements in foreign currency are difficult, taking into account national and intersectoral interests.