AEB sent proposals to the NIEI on improving the efficiency of the PAC


The Association of European Business sent proposals to the Research Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus on improving the work of public advisory councils in terms of improving the procedure for forming the composition of councils, determining clear criteria for the inclusion and exclusion of members from the PAC, creating a mechanism for forming the composition of councils independent of the decision a specific state body and the exclusion of cases of non-compliance with the deadlines for sending materials for council meetings.
Additionally, it was noted that it is a common practice to send out a draft acts and the documentation attached to it within the framework of a council meeting 1-2 working days before the expiration of the approval period established by the ministry / department, which does not allow to fully consider both the draft act itself and the attached documentation for it. This approach is contrary to the provisions of clause 27 of the Model Regulations on the ACC, which provides for the distribution of all necessary information for a council meeting no later than 5 working days before the date of its holding.