The AEB proposals regarding raw tobacco will be considered at the meeting of the working group in the direction of "Phytosanitary Measures"


Proposals sent by the AEB in relation to the draft decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission "On amendments to some decisions of the Commission of the Customs Union and the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission" on raw tobacco, according to the published summary of proposals received during the public discussion will be considered at a meeting of the working group on direction "Phytosanitary Measures".

The draft provides for the assignment of the item "raw tobacco and tobacco waste" (2401 TN VED EAEU) to the group of goods with a high phytosanitary risk in the List of regulated products subject to quarantine phytosanitary control at the EAEU border. It also provides for the requirement for the origin of raw tobacco from places free from the polyphagous humpback fly.

These requirements will multiply the costs of producers for the use of additional phytosanitary measures and changes in production processes, which will affect the cost of finished products for the consumer.