AEB sent its proposals on the recognition of Belarusian certificates of EDS keys in the EAEU states


The Association of European Business has sent its proposals to the Department of Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Communications and Informatization within the framework of the work carried out by the Eurasian Economic Commission to determine the list of areas in which it is required to ensure the recognition of an EDS in an electronic document and to ensure the legal force of electronic documents in cross-border interaction of economic entities of the countries EAEU.
It was proposed to establish the recognition of EDS key certificates when business entities from various EAEU states sign contracts and primary accounting documents (acts, invoices, etc.). The use of the format of electronic documents, endowed with the necessary legal force, will significantly speed up the workflow and simplify the interaction of residents of the Republic of Belarus with foreign counterparties from the EAEU member countries.
The problem of recognizing EDS key certificates in various EAEU member states exists due to the absence in foreign countries of a “trusted third party” operator who is ready to act as an authority for recognizing EDS key certificates issued in the Republic of Belarus. To date, the necessary communication channels have been established between EDI providers in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. Thus, the problem of recognizing EDS certificates of the Republic of Belarus in the EAEU states is reduced to the need to conclude an agreement with an operator of a "trusted third party" on the recognition of the authenticity of electronic documents and EDS of the Republic of Belarus in interstate electronic interaction.