Meeting of AEB members with UNDP thematic coordinator for plastics and Ecoplatform Company


In the office of the Association of European Businesses, a meeting of the AEB members with the UNDP thematic coordinator for plastics and the Ecoplatform Company, which implements a project to collect plastic containers using vending machines, took place.
Since 2019, 20 million units of plastic bottles containers have been collected through Ecoplatform’s vending machines, of which 10 million in 9 months of 2022. For the effective functioning of the collection system, the right approach to the implementation of the project is necessary. Thus, an average vending machine located in a good location collects from 300 to 400 containers per day, the peak value can reach from 1,700 to 3,000 units.
The project is commercially beneficial both for the Ecoplatform itself and for companies ordering the installation of vending machines - companies receive complete statistics on the consumption of drinks in plastic containers by users, the possibility of placing advertising materials on the surface of vending machines, an additional opportunity to attract new customers by providing the user with discounts for the returned containers and other bonuses.