AEB is included in the working group for the development of the Technical Regulations for nicotine-containing products


Deputy Chairman of the Association of European Business Maria Karas is included in the working group on the draft technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union "Technical regulation for nicotine-containing products". This decision was approved by the order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia dated October 18, 2022 N 1716.

AEB, by virtue of participation in the association of the largest manufacturers, importers and distributors of nicotine-containing products in the Republic of Belarus, has extensive experience in the field, including the analysis of approaches to the regulation of the consumer market of nicotine-containing products in the Republic of Belarus. Member companies of the AEB have accumulated significant research experience and a body of data in relation to various categories of nicotine-containing products that can and should be applied in the development of TNRs.

The inclusion of AEB representatives in the working group complies with the provisions of the current EAEU norms on the procedure for developing the technical regulations of the union, in particular the requirement to involve representatives of all interested parties in order to comprehensively consider the potential subject of regulation and form a consolidated position.