AEB held a meeting on the implementation of actual impact assessment in the EAEU


In connection with the introduction in the Eurasian Economic Union from 2024 of a procedure for assessing the actual impact of acts of the EAEU bodies on the conditions for carrying out business activities, the Association of European Business organized a meeting of AEB members with the director of the Center for Assessing the Regulatory Impact of the Institute of State and Municipal Administration of the Higher School of Economics, Daniil Tsygankov. During the meeting, the speaker presented the main stages in the development of the FEV procedure in the Russian Federation, its key elements and implementation difficulties.
The procedure for assessing the actual impact of acts includes:
  • analysis of the achievement of regulatory goals stated during the preparation of the draft act;
  • determination and assessment of the actual positive and negative consequences of the adoption of the act;
  • identification of provisions in the act that unreasonably complicate the conduct of business and other economic activities or lead to unreasonable budget expenditures.