Results of the AEB Initiative Job Shadow Days-2017 in Minsk and Vitebsk!


The Association of European Business is pleased to announce the completion of the sixth initiative Job Shadow Days-2017, which took place from May 11 to 24.

We thank all the participants of the Job Shadow Days-2017 – students and mentors from the AEB member-companies and organizations for the first time joined the initiative! Thanks to the active participation and organizational support of the Vitebsk Regional Marketing Center, the Job Shadow Days were found in Vitebsk.

This time 17 mentors from 11 companies took part in the action. 29 students became "shadows". A list of mentoring companies and shadow students can be found here.   

The first three places in the number of applications from students were occupied by JSD-mentors:

1. Svetlana Rotko, Project Manager, Zubr Capital

2. Igor Kolchenko, Director, Sette

3. Alexey Koleichik, Training Manager, Double Tree by Hilton Minsk

At the final meeting with the students, organized by the AEB and based on the results of the action, the participants noted the high level of professionalism of those mentors whose shadows they managed to become.

According to students:

- the most practical-oriented and as close to the real working day as possible JSD was in the AEB member companies - Office Solutions, VS GLOBAL, Zubr Capital, Baker Tilly Bel, who annually participate in the initiative and already have specialists in their staff found in the JSD;

- the most attentive and carefully prepared to receive "shadows" were companies Garsia Group and Double Tree by Hilton Minsk;

- the most unusual and eventful day was arranged for students by the mentors of the companies – Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship in Minsk, the Regional Marketing Center in Vitebsk and the SOS-Children's Villages located in the village of Borovlyany.

- the most unexpectedly interesting day was held in the company of Inkass.Expert, where the mentor was Grakovich Alina, a specialist in business development. The students did not expect that, at first glance, boring in their original opinion work was incredibly involving and saturated.
In addition to visiting the companies, this year the Association organized master classes for the "shadows". The students met Igor Kolchenko, the director of the PR-studio Sette and his experience in creating projects. Also, JSD members spent a day in the global marketing measuring company - Nielsen.

Information support of the AEB was provided by the First National Channel of the Belarusian Radio, having dedicated the "Actual Microphone" program to the AEB initiative - as a new format for interaction between business and education (read and listen here). 

On June 5, the most responsible students successfully passed all stages of the initiative, were awarded with certificates of participation. During June the AEB will publish on its Facebook page students' feedbacks with impressions about visiting companies and mentoring of the best specialists. The first review of the student from Vitebsk is available here.  

We are not resting on our laurels. In autumn the initiative will traditionally take place in the city of Brest with the support of the Brest Regional Development Fund.