The first international brands of cigarettes under the JTI license began to be produced in Belarus 15 years ago


Fifteen years ago, under the JTI license, the production of the first international brands of cigarettes was launched in Belarus at the facilities of Tabak-invest LLC (Minsk). The Association of European Businesses congratulates its member, Japan Tobacco International ASD (JTI), on this date.

In 2005, JTI became the first international company in Belarus to launch local production of tobacco products of international brands within the framework of the state import substitution program. In January 2005, the production of Monte Carlo and Magna cigarettes was launched at the facilities of the tobacco factory “Tabak-invest” LLC in Minsk on a licensed basis.

During the period of cooperation at the Tabak-Invest LLC factory, with the assistance of JTI, current international approaches in production and product quality control were introduced, personnel were trained in accordance with the latest standards and production lines were modernized. At the factory and warehouses of Tabak-invest LLC, the JTI finished product tracking system has also been introduced.

Currently, under the JTI license, the Tabak-Invest LLC factory produces 43 types of Winston, Camel, Sobranie, LD and Monte Carlo cigarettes in standard, compact, super-thin and super-compact formats. 97% of JTI brand cigarettes sold on the Belarusian market are produced locally. Export production is also carried out; in 2015-2019, JTI cigarettes were supplied to Kazakhstan, Russia and Georgia.

JTI is one of the leading international tobacco and electronic smoking systems companies. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the company employs over 45,000 people. JTI started operating in Belarus in 1998.

Source: PrimePress agency