The company JTI honored a title «Maecenas of Culture of Belarus 2017"


A member of the Assosiation of European Business, the company JTI was awarded the title "Maecenas of the culture of Belarus 2017". The ceremony of honoring the participants of the republican action "Maecenas of Culture of Belarus" was held in the Palace of the Republic. Honorary diplomas were presented to heads and representatives of different forms of ownership, which during the last year sponsored cultural organizations of the country .

Gennady Brusnikov, Deputy General Manager of JTI in Belarus, is confident that the creation of a favorable business environment is a stimulus for the development of patronship in Belarus.   

"The states's attention to business initiatives and efforts to create a favorable business environment will contribute to the futher development of such a social institution in Belarus as patronage", - consider Gennady Brusnikov.

He said that since 2010 JTI in Belarus is the general partner of the National Historical Museum, since 2015 provide support to the Belarussian State Philharmonic, for 7 years facilitates retrospectives of Japanese cinema in Minsk, since 2014 has been a partner of the Minsk University of the third age, and also implements well-known projects, including international culrural exchange.

The company JTI is awarded the title of "Patronage of the culture of Belarus" for the fouth time. According to the results of 2014-2015, the company was also awarded this title for its contribution to the development of international cooperation in the sphere of culture and also for the standing support of national culture. 

Source: BelTA