Association of European Business Has Started its Activity in Belarus


Associations of European Business exist in over 20 countries of the world. They have no single structure and are not united by any coordinator.  The idea of creating an AEB in Belarus belongs to the Head of IPM Pavel Daneyko. As he says, the idea of organizing such an association was born about 2 years ago. But it is only now that AEB starts its eager activity. As Andrey Mickiewicz, the AEB Chairman, noted, Association of European Business was meant to unite people and companies interested in developing free enterprise based on principles of European culture and international law. According to Mr.Mickiewicz “doing in Belarus is very complicated and uncomfortable”. “But since we have already started our business here, we should work together and assist each other. Belarus has all the opportunities to become an economically independent European country, attractive for investments. Its geographical position, human resources, infrastructure are really inviting for European and international investors». In February 2012 AEB founders plan to hold its first large business conference which will unite businessmen for solving a wide range of problems and challenges.