Meeting of the PAC under the Ministry of Taxes and Duties


AEB Deputy Chairman Maria Karas and Chief Accountant Marina Krivosheeva took part in the meeting of the Advisory Council under the Ministry of Taxes and Dues of the Republic of Belarus. During the meeting, the following issues were considered:

  1. Establishing in tax accounting a unified procedure with accounting for determining the date of a business transaction and the moment of actual sale, including when recognizing the resolution of the Ministry of Finance dated 08.08.2018 No. 55 “On the date of certain business transactions” as invalid;
  2. Administration and reflection of revenue and payment of taxes on design work;
  3. Unification of approaches to the procedure for confirming the export outside the Republic of Belarus of goods placed under the customs procedure for export, by excluding the obligation of the payer to submit a package of supporting documents to the tax authority in the case established by paragraph 4 of Article 123 of the Tax Code;
  4. Reduction of the period for the return of excess VAT amounts for business entities included in the list of authorized economic operators;
  5. Simplification of administration in terms of issuing an ESCF by providing the possibility of issuing one ESCF for the entire reporting period for the analyzed transactions in terms of the purchase of goods (works, services) within one non-resident counterparty;
  6. Informing the payer about sending a notification to confirm the validity of the return of the amount of excess VAT;
  7. Simplification of tax administration, cancellation of the requirement for the payer to provide the tax authority with a register of documents confirming the performance of work (rendering of services) for the repair, maintenance of vehicles registered in foreign states, expanding the possibility of applying the VAT rate of zero (0) percent when implementing such work (services);
  8. Improving the mechanism for submitting to the tax authority an application for the import of goods and payment of indirect taxes in electronic form using the "Personal Account" service.