Participation in the meeting of the working group on the development of technical regulations for nicotine-containing products


Deputy Chairman of the Association of European Business Maria Karas took part in a meeting of the working group following the public discussion of the draft technical regulation for nicotine-containing products.

The meeting discussed the need to maintain in the technical regulation the regulation of the circulation of products with heated tobacco, nicotine-containing oral consumption products and the issues of regulating the use of flavors and food additives in the production of nicotine-containing products.

It is necessary to keep the regulation of the circulation of products with heated tobacco in the technical regulation, since the technical regulation of the Customs Union TR CU 035/2014 for tobacco products does not include such an object as "heated tobacco" and applies only to smoking tobacco products, and heated tobacco is not consumed by smoking , proof of which is the content of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides in the aerosol. In accordance with the Harmonized System of the World Customs Organization and the TN VED of the EAEU, nicotine-containing products, including heated tobacco, are separated into a separate category, different from tobacco products - customs code: 2404.

Flavors for nicotine-containing products consist of components that are widely used in the food industry, including those recognized as safe for heat treatment.