The Association Participates in the XVI Business Assembly


The Association of European Business took part in the XVI Business Assembly in Minsk on March 4, 2015.

At the Assembly, business community and government agencies shared their opinion on the role and place of business in the economy and approved the draft National Business Platform of Belarus-2015 Structural Modernization of Business and Government.

According to Yauhen Mardasevich, Head of GR with the AEB, now it is extremely important to establish meaningful dialogue between the business and the government so that in crisis times economic decisions take into account interests of all stakeholders.

“The dialogue between the business and the government is advancing; unfortunately, due to external circumstances rather than due to the desire of government agencies. Heads of the ministries were not present at the Assembly, although they could have found 20-30 minutes of their time to speak at such an event,” said Yauhen.

Moreover, Yauhen Mardasevich emphasized that in the current circumstances the format "speaker-presidium-tribune" should be replaced with "live" dialogue between representatives of business, business associations and the authorities, where the parties not just simply declare their position but also find common solutions to the economic problems.